Wednesday, 13 April 2016

11 April 2016 – Bernia via Forat

It is a long time since we last did this walk, which has been replaced by the longer anti clockwise circuit
David could not walk as he has sciatica, but he did bring Rosemary and his daughter Caroline

We were also joined by Peter and Ann, who have not walked with the group for quite a long time

The weather was ideal for our walk, sunny with a light breeze

The good weather brought out more walkers than usual, and we were aware of a group following us up the ascent

We also met a solitary walker on his way down, who told us that the forat was flooded and impassable
Despite his warning we carried on to the forat, not wanting to abandon the walk if we could avoid doing so
Ken offered to do a recce of the forat, and reported that it was wet but easily passable

Peter suggested letting the group who had followed us go ahead to make sure it was ok.   We had a short break and Jan reversed her cap so that she could see where she was going in the forat 
Jan also covered her pack, but that proved unnecessary.   The forat was as low as ever and quite damp, but the small puddle of water hardly wet our boots

Caroline seemed to particularly enjoy the experience
Everyone agreed that the forat was no more difficult than usual, and the magnificent views at the other side made it well worthwhile
We had our usual banana stop and basked in the warm sun
Jan dropped her woollen gloves and they rolled downhill out of sight.   Ken came to the rescue and recovered them for her, and was rewarded with a sweet
It’s always sunnier on this side of Bernia and we all removed our jackets and jumpers in preparation 
We took the detour to visit the new, and very well signed, Penya de l’Ermita del Vicari, a collection of wall paintings protected by these impressive railings.  To be honest there was not much to see and hardly worth the extra climb.
The track on the return journey is much improved since we first did it about ten years ago.   It is also well signed and consequently well used
The ever changing views to the coast make this part of the walk memorable
And the mountains in the background are pretty impressive too
Due to the delay at the forat we did not reach the fort by 1pm, and it was agreed to stop for lunch
There were plenty of suitable flat rocks just off the track, and the views were even better than at the fort 
We reached the fort about half an hour later and had a short break to explore the ruins
We did not need a rest having just had our lunch break, so we did not spend long at the fort
The track now turns away from the coast and offers fine views of Bolulla and Guadalest

It is a gentle descent back to the cars following a well defined track

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