Friday, 16 December 2016

15 December 2016 – Denia Marina to Javea Windmills

There were 12 of us for our last walk of the year, including John and Alijke who joined us for the first time
Yet again the weather forecast was cloudy and possible rain, yet again we ignored it and walked anyway
We chose this walk because the first hour is along the promenade and we would have the option of abandoning the walk and have a drink in one of the many bars we would pass
We could also convert it into a much shorter walk, by turning around at the end of the sea front if the weather looked too bad
But in fact it has cleared a little when we had our first drink stop and we decided to carry on 
We choose the abandoned urbanisation rather than the tower route, because the climb is much easier
Although it was dry, it was not very warm.  So we did not linger long at the banana stop
I was surprised that the track was so firm after so much rain, I had expected a much muddier walk
We reached the windmills in good time for our planned 1pm picnic lunch
There was no sign of the sun, so we spread out to find as much shelter as we could from the cold wind
During the walk there was some discussion about whether the buildings were windmills or only for storage.   This well placed information panel settled the matter.
We had a shorter than normal lunch stop because of the overcast weather and everyone was happy to be on the move again to warm up 
It was too cold to sit outside for our end of walk drink, and we appreciated the large roaring fire.   We also appreciated the round of tapas which John provided to go with our drinks.
The walk is 16 kilometres from Denia Marina to the Windmills above Javea.    The walk starts at 2 metres above sea level and reached a high point of around 200 metres near the Windmills, which included a total ascent of about 260 meters.   Including breaks, a lunch stop and an extended after walk drinks and a special tapas treat given by John, it took about 6 hours to complete at an average walking speed of 4 kilometres per hour