Tuesday, 24 May 2016

24 May 2016 – Lliber Hidden Valley

Great to be walking with the Monday group again, after a four week break due to my back injury.   This was a nice gentle walk and my back held up well.   Only seven of us walking today, because most of the group have returned to UK for the summer.
We visited the zoo to see how the renovation was getting on and whether there were any new animals.    The place looked very clean and tidy and the presence of a cement mixer suggested that the work was ongoing.    The animals all looked well fed and very healthy.   No seals in the water, but we could hear them inside their “house”.   There were also two people there, but they did not speak.   All in all it looks like the work in ongoing.

Pat took us on an alternative track which avoided the area where David was confronted by the angry farmer many years ago.   Since then the track entering and leaving his land had been closed by a rough barrier of branches.   It was clear that most walkers ignored the barrier and climbed over the branches.   However Pat had always been reluctant to do so, and this alternative was just as good.
We had our banana break where our new track joined the old one.   It was not very hot today, but still pleasant to find some shade for our break.
Our lunch break was at the usual picnic site.   It has been cleared up in recent years and the nearby open rubbish bins replaced with the new igloo shaped ones.   So they are not as obvious as they used to be.   The seats and table are just as much in need of a coat of varnish, but perfectly acceptable despite that.
Another deviation on the return to Lliber, when Pat took us off the direct path.   We soon realised that it was the track we use on the Lliber to Senija walk.   We were of course walking in the opposite direction and the views down the valley towards Lliber and Jalon were much better.
The path was also easier walking in this direction, particularly some of the steeper parts which were much easier going up than going down.
Peter spotted a large red squirrel, who provided a good opportunity to take a break and watch him moving amongst the higher branches
We were back in Lliber before 2pm, having had a very pleasant walk at a very moderate pace.   Despite this it was quite enough for Jan and I who had not done any serious walking for the previous four weeks.

Lliber, like most of the Jalon valley, is looking very attractive at this time of year.   Lots of spring flowers shown off to perfection with the bright sunny days.

Tom met us at the bar for the after walk drink.   He injured his leg during a walk with the CBMW a week or so ago.   This prevented him walking with us today, or indeed at all until after the summer break.   Having finished the walk early Wendy also joined us for a drink and we had a good chat to catch up on everyone’s news.

Monday 31 May 2016
The last walk before the summer break will be Smugglers Cove.   Meet in the main car park in Moraira at the earlier time of 9.45 am.

Monday 26 September 2016
The first walk after the summer break will be Portichol.   Meet at the car park with the picnic area overlooking the sea (not Masymas car park).   Walk starts at 10am.