Thursday, 23 June 2016

23 June 2016 – Morning Walk

With the arrival of summer our weekly walks are suspended because of the high temperatures.   We still walk when we can, but as it gets hotter walking becomes more uncomfortable.  
Our solution is an early morning walk around Parcent.   We are usually out of the house just as the village clock is striking 7am
It is often quite cool when we set out, and parts of the walk are shaded.  But when the sun is shining on us it can be quite warm, particularly when the path is uphill
Although we walk through Parcent we see very few other people.    We see a car or two and sometimes another early morning walker.  But we rarely see the same person more than once or twice.
This morning the only company we had was our shadows!
We do however often have the bird song to keep us company, and being so quiet they can sound quite loud
We sometimes see, or more likely hear, someone working on the fields.   But as often as not it is just a peaceful silence
Jan has been trying to teach me the names of the flowers we pass each morning, but I only seem to be able to remember two or three
As we near the end of our walk Parcent comes into view again