Saturday, 29 October 2016

27 October 2016 – Lliber to Senija

After two weeks of wet and dismal Thursday’s, at last a bright and sunny day.    Even a cool breeze, making it ideal walking weather and also good for photos

We were very pleased that everyone from last Thursday turned out again today for the first proper Thursday Explorers walk since the summer break.   In addition we had three new members, making a very respectable total of sixteen.
Some of our group are new to walking in Spain, and this was an ideal introduction walk.   Good variety of terrain, including some difficult sections
But there are also long sections where the walking is relatively easy, allowing lots of opportunity to have a chat

David was in disgrace last week when he was appointed back marker.   He almost lost two members when he got chatting and found himself in the middle of the group rather than at the end.

So this week Jan took on the role.   She also ended up in the middle of the group, for the same reason.  But at least she did not lose anyone.   More luck than judgement mind.
We reached the first water stop with everyone still chatting away, so the pace was obviously not too fast

I had described this walk as having very little ascent.   Rosemary (quite rightly) pointed out that there is a definite climb up to The Cross
We had our banana stop at The Cross and everyone appreciated the views to the coast
This is the biggest group we have had yet on a Thursday walk……..
….and it took two photos to get everyone in
It was then downhill to Senija, but necessary to watch where you put your feet as the path was rocky
We had our picnic lunch in Senija square, where there was just sufficient seating for everyone
Marie was unable to open her hot water flask, but David came to the rescue and thereby redeemed his poor performance as a back marker
This was the first Thursday Explorers walk for Tina and Mick, and they seemed to manage without any problem
There is not a lot to do in Senija and it is easy to gather a crowd
This is what everyone was looking at and taking photographs of
It did not take long for everyone to be up and ready for the walk back to Lliber
Everyone seemed to enjoy the walk.  And why not with not only very good weather, but also very good company