Sunday, 28 February 2016

25 February 2016 – Pedreguer to Castell d’Aixa

The meeting place for this walk is not easy to find is on a small street, not the easiest place to find if you have not done the walk before.   So we arranged to meet at the cemetery in Pedreguer!   Not the most appropriate place, but one of the easiest to find.
We were fortunate to have a bright, if chilly, morning for our walk.   Excellent walking weather.
This walk starts with a long, though not too steep, ascent from the village.  Care needs to be taken at the start, as it is very popular with local dog walkers.
The first hour is uphill, so we were all pleased to reach our regular “banana stop”, which marked the end of the climbing
The second part of the walk is pretty level, and has ever changing views of both coast and mountains.   But the track requires constant attention.
A lot of the walk was sheltered from the wind, but when we were exposed it was both strong and cold.   Those with hats had to carry them to avoid losing them.
When we reached the foot of the castle hill there was an option – to have lunch at the bottom or to climb to the top for lunch.   Fortunately all agreed to climb.
Sabine suggested a photo of her and Jan, but David appears determined to be included.
It was very windy as we climbed to the castle, but we managed to find a sheltered sun trap to eat and enjoy the wonderful views.
Dominic found his own spot with the best view
The climb down was, as always, more difficult than climbing up.   Great care was taken on the slippery track.  There were a number of stumbles, but no actual falls
The wind eased off for the long return journey, and the sun was pleasant without being too hot.
Thanks to David again for the walk stats, which are

Distance 12 km
Time 5 hours 50 minutes
Elevation 580 metres