Wednesday, 30 March 2016

28 March 2016 – Tarbena

Lovely sunny morning for the longer of the two Tarbena walks, which Peter laid on by special request.
Lovely downhill path for the first half hour of the walk, but followed by a long uphill climb for the next couple of hours.
The warm sunshine had brought out a selection of masculine legs – more than enough for a wobbly knees contest
The shaded picnic stop was well chosen
And the scenery was pretty good too
It was followed by a difficult descent through very rough terrain
Followed by lunch at our regular picnic site
No shade, but the views were pretty impressive.   Note that Pat provided her own shade.
Very little ascent on the second half of the walk
And the tracks were good enough to allow us to admire the views
For me this is the most memorable part of the walk, with long views of the surrounding hills right to the coast
We were very impressed to find that the mirador and picnic site had finally been completed.  It had looked like a building site during our previous visits
Even the tiled map had been repaired, though it did have a few new scratches
But vandals could do nothing about the actual view
We had a short break to take advantage of the new seating and admire the general area
The easy walking continued as we made our way back towards Tarbena

On such a hot day it was a long and hard walk, so four of us opted for the direct route back to Tarbena whilst the remainder completed the full walk

4 April 2016
Jackie and Mike will lead the El Somo walk, which was cancelled a few weeks ago due to poor weather.    Meet at Kilometer 7 on the Castells to Tarbena road at 10am