Wednesday, 16 March 2016

14 March 2016 – Javea Port to Denia Tower

Arrived in Javea in the rain, but fortunately it stopped before 10am.   There was some discussion, particularly after last Monday being so wet, but we all decided to do the walk and hope for the best.
We reached the top in record time, it was too cold to hang about much
We often have a water stop at this point, but not today
We also missed out our banana stop at the picnic site, again because of the fast pace we arrived there too early.   But we did take a break when we reached the abandoned Garda Civil barracks
It’s only a few weeks since we did this walk as a recce with David and Rosemary, and I was interested to see whether Pat took the same route.   She did, and Jan was able to add another stone to the cairn.   Pat also had similar problems finding the correct route.   Fortunately after the fire it is easy to determine the direction you want, even if you can’t find the actual path.
We soon reached the Denia Tower, which we have seen a lot of over the past month
The weather was starting to improve, and even a little sun shine.  Though the burnt trees made it look quite bleak.
We normally have our picnic at the tower, but we arrived there about 12.30am, which Pat felt was too early for lunch.
It was too cold to stop for long, just a short stop to admire the scenery
Then we set off back at a brisk pace, in order to reach the Javea Windmills in time for lunch.
Fortunately the sky cleared, and the sun added some warmth
We had lunch at the new (to us) picnic site, which we discovered on our Thursday walk last week.   It was out of the wind, and quite comfortable.   Nice to have both a table and somewhere to sit.
Once more the clouds arrived, and it was too uncomfortable to sit for long
We did a small detour to admire the main collection of windmills.   The picnic site is handy, but the view from the main site is much better.

We returned to Javea along the same track.   Now that the area is clear of trees you can see most of the winding track ahead, and we could see a large group of walkers well ahead of us.

We caught them up just as we reached the cars.  They were a group from the UK, on a Saga Walking holiday.   We were impressed that they had tackled this walk, which can be quite difficult in parts.

21 March 2016
Next Monday meet at Tarbena at 10am.   Peter will lead the longer of the two walks he does from there.

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