Sunday, 20 March 2016

17 March 2016 – Lliber to Senija Cross

Blue sky, but cold wind, for the start of the walk.   The forecast was overcast but dry, which is what it has been all week.   And the cold spell continues.   Good weather for walking, providing you are well wrapped up.
Very quiet for the first part of the walk.   This part is popular and we often pass other walkers, but not today
Our first stop was at the “frying tonight” statue.   It is, of course, dedicated to wine growing, but on an earlier walk someone had pointed out that he appeared to be holding a chip basket.
As we neared the cross we met a group of cyclists travelling at speed on the uneven and rocky track.
In the past we have had our picnic at the cross, but today settled for a banana stop as we wanted to picnic in the square in Senija
We had to share our time at the cross with another group of walkers, but they were not going to Senija.
Just as we rejoined the main track we had to make way for this noisy character, who roared past in a haze of diesel fumes
The square, and the seats, had just been washed as we arrived.   The cleaner/gardener was still there and was working on the plants.  He was very sullen and seemed to resent our presence.   Jan was particularly careful not to leave any mess, in case he told us off!
The sky had clouded over for the return journey and for a time it looked like it might rain.  It remained dry, but it was cold without the sun
We always enjoy this last part of the walk, with its wide view of the Jalon Valley
Despite the weather, cyclists, motor cyclists and a miserable gardener we all enjoyed the walk.  Far better than sitting at home looking out at the grey skies.   And the drink in the bar at the end of the walk was enjoyed all the more

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