Sunday, 13 March 2016

10 March 2016 – Denia to Javea Windmills

The forecast was overcast and possible light rain, so we came prepared for the worse

The first hour, along the Denia promenade, was cold and windy.   Worse still there were a lot of rain clouds just off shore.  But fortunately the wind blew them away – it could just as easily have blown them inland onto us.
We climbed to the abandoned urbanisation, rather than to the tower.  This is a much easier climb.   The rough track is much easier going than the tarmac road, and not nearly as steep.
The abandoned building site is impressive, both for the size and the impressive views.   It’s sad to think of the broken dreams and financial loss of the many who must have paid deposits on these abandoned houses.
We have visited the site many times over the past ten years, and have noted the transformation from almost finished homes to abandoned and vandalised ruins
The recent pop art graffiti has added some colour to the depressing grey, but it is still a sad experience to see the waste.   No doubt they were illegal and built without permission.  But surely it would have been better to finish them rather than leave the current blot on the landscape.
By now the weather had improved and blue skies had replaced the grey.  It was still cold, but we found a sheltered spot for our banana break
The next stage is an open and flat stroll to the windmills
Toon and Anneke have done this walk previously, and found a nice picnic spot which we had never discovered.   The shade from the trees was not necessary today, but the stone table and seats were very welcome.
After our picnic we admired the views of Javea and the coast…
…posed for a couple of photographs……
…and just enjoyed the warm sunshine
The warm sun and cool breeze made the return journey very pleasant
And we enjoyed a short break at the tower
But the best part was a cold drink in the bar

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