Tuesday, 8 March 2016

7 March 2016 – Gata Soldates

We had planned to do El Somo today, but it was cancelled because of a weather forecast of heavy rain.   Instead we met at Gata for an “easier walk”
It was dry, overcast and pretty cold (by local standards) when we arrived at Gata
The rain arrived before we had gone very far.   Not the heavy rain forecast, but enough to get the water proofs out – plus Pats umbrella 
The rain had ceased by the time we arrived at the foot of Soldates for our banana break
It was dry when we started the climb……..

….. but half way up the rain arrived again, and it was clear it was here for the rest of the day
I have taken a lot of photos at the Soldates trig point, but none in such miserable weather.    An unusual look for here in Spain, but it would be right at home in any of our photo albums of summer holidays in the UK.
The rest of the walk was in light rain.   Wet enough for waterproofs and to prevent any more photographs.  But not really driving uncomfortable rain.   However it became very slippery and we had to take more care than usual to avoid any accidents.   What is normally a very enjoyable walk back to Gata was, today, a long haul.   We were all very glad to get to the bar.

Monday 14 March 2016

Next week will be Javea harbour to Denia Tower.   Recently our usual car park opposite the harbour was closed due to repair work.   Continue past the car park to the roundabout where the hill climb starts.    Meet at 10am.

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