Tuesday, 16 February 2016

11 February 2016 – Tossel Del Moro

The weather forecast was overcast with light showers, so we considered carefully before we decided to walk today.
Dry and light clouds when we left Gata with David and Rosemary
The weather improved, and in fact it was soon quite warm
Our original plan was Gata to Soldates, but we thought it would be easier to abandon the walk doing Moro
We also knew Moro is not as difficult as Soldates, though it was still a struggle getting to the top
Although not as high, the views from the top are still pretty impressive
It’s nice walking with a group, but it’s also nice with just a couple of friends
Thanks to David for this one.  Managed to put off getting my hair cut since Christmas, but it won’t be much longer when Jan sees this photo!
We had forgotten how difficult the track is coming down, more difficult that Soldates I think.   It looks like Rosemary is helping David, but I think it was a joint effort.

The sun came out for our picnic stop, and it was really pleasant sitting and watching the view.   In fact so nice that we had a longer than usual break.   Consequently stiffer than usual when we got started again.

It started to drizzle as we neared Gata, but soon cleared and we had our drink outside.  The heavy rain arrived just after we returned to the cars, and the windscreen wipers were busy all the way back to Parcent.   Very lucky with the weather, and a really enjoyable walk.

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