Friday, 12 February 2016

8 February 2016 – Pinos Fossil Walk

Clear and sunny, with a cool breeze, made for ideal walking weather.   This is the second time in four months that we have done this walk, last time was with our Thursday group.   It means that we do our moderate walks more often, but they are just as enjoyable.
Good to have Jan with us again, her first Monday walk since before Christmas.   Her knee is much better, but this was the first real test.
The hardest part of the walk, the steep climb, is over by the time we reach our banana stop at the abandoned finca.   It’s always a pleasure to sit and admire the fine views.
David led the walk again, and set a very comfortable pace.   Jan was relieved to find she only had to deal with a dull ache in her knee.  
This is the best part of the walk, a long level walk with excellent views of the Marnes valley.  And a good enough track that we could look around and enjoy the views.
We paid a visit to the isolated and empty finca which used to belong to one of the original CBMW.   We had visited him during one of our walks with the CBMW.  He always made the group welcome, and usually offered a glass of his home made wine.   It was very sad to see the overgrown fields and the empty building
We reached our lunch area a little early, but it was the only suitable spot so stopped anyway.  During lunch Jan reminded everyone to keep some of their apple to feed the donkeys later in the walk.
Sylvia replied that she didn’t mind them having some of here apple, but there was no way they could have any of her large strawberries.   You can see how determined she was in this photo, even after taking a bite.

The walk continued along the narrow track, with David making sure that he did not take an “unintended extension” (or got lost) as he did last time he led this walk.

All was well and David found the correct junction, which is now marked with a cairn.
And the donkey’s did quite well too, many of the group having kept at least some of their apple for them.
Monday 15 February 2016
Sue will lead a new walk of El Cau in reverse.   Meet at the dustbins on the Jalon to Benissa road at 10am.

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