Wednesday, 26 October 2016

24 October 2016 – Castells Arch

A very good turnout for one of our favourite walks, pretty well everyone in the group except Wendy
After a short walk along the road you have to pay attention to find the track on the left.  Pat was too busy talking and walked straight past, fortunately David was on hand to avoid a very long detour.
I was quite surprised that the track is so overgrown since we did this walk last year
We have been very lucky with the weather on our Monday Walk.   For the past couple of weeks the weather has been changeable, but Monday got the best of it
At one point the track was so overgrown that we had to find an alternative route
The temperatures also rose quite fast.   When we left Castells the temperature was 14c (it was 17 when we left Parcent).   But it was not long before we stripped off our jackets and started to overheat.  It was 27c when we got back to the cars
As always the scenery is lovely around Castells.   It is quite a wild area, and reminds us of walking in Scotland.   However without the rain, or the “mozzies”
Despite an early banana stop we still had a break at the viewpoint
Mike, quite rightly, suggested this was a good photo opportunity.   I already have quite a collection of photographs at this point.   However, as Mike again pointed out, each one tells its own story.
I am not well known as a “flower person”.  But it is striking when you see a beautiful one like this growing in the middle of a dry, stony track.   The photo does not really do it justice.
We have all visited the arch many times before, and it is not unusual for some to wait at the start of this section.  Today Sylvia and Rosemary took advantage of a sunny spot to have a rest.  They also offered to look after our rucksacks, which was very much appreciated.
Thanks to David for this photo of Jan and I at the arch.   Jan has stood in the arch itself, but did not particularly enjoy the experience.  This is as close as she would come for the photograph.
Pat, David and Peter were more daring and stood in the arch itself.  It is difficult to get a good photograph of anyone standing in the arch, because it has to be taken too far away and the figures are then so small.
Mike and Peter are usually the most daring in these circumstances, but today Peter seems more interested in his mobile phone
The walk back involves a little scramble, followed by a pleasant downhill track
Pat had noted a good lunch spot, with plenty of seating for all
It is then a long downhill stroll back to Castells
It makes a nice change not to have to look where you are putting your feet with each step
There are sections where more attention is required, but the track is not steep
We also had a nice cool breeze, making this part of the walk very pleasant indeed
Pat has found a short cut through the village past the (dry) font
Monday 31 October 2016
Next week Pat has introduced a new walk from Benidoleig.   I am not sure where we meet, but David was kind enough to send these directions:

Drive to Orba from Alcalali and turn right at the Café were we had our drink last week.  Follow this "by-pass" out of the village and drive some distance until you reach the Roundabout in the middle of Benidoleig, turn right here and there is plenty of road parking on the hill.


From Alcalali drive to Pedreguer and as you enter the town take the turning on the left signed for Benidoleig.  Again drive for some distance until you reach the roundabout in Benidoleig were you turn left and park as above.

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