Sunday, 3 April 2016

31 March 2016 – Fig Tree

David and Rosemary joined us after a short break in the UK, and we were fortunate to have a sunny day for the walk, but a cool breeze.   We all found the initial road climb a challenge and were pleased to reach the abandoned finca with the fig tree
It is a few years since we last did this walk, and I was a little concerned about finding the best track.   Last time it was very overgrown and the track is not signed and can be difficult to find
We found the start ok and were relieved to find that it is now well marked with cairns
The track was slightly different to the one we have used in the past, but much easier to follow
We soon joined the wide track for the rest of the walk.   The next hour is easy walking and offers ample opportunity to admire the views 
After lunch it is mostly downhill and was very pleasant with the warm sun and cool breeze
Though we did have to be careful when the track was too steep as it was easy to slip on the loose stones and gravel
And then there is the “sting in the tail”, a short but very steep section
We all found it quite hard going, but it did not stop the two David’s conversation
A very enjoyable walk, though perhaps a little more difficult that we had remembered

Time taken 5 hours 10 minutes
Distance 12.8 km
Elevation 567 metres

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