Thursday, 8 December 2016

8 December 2016 – Parcent to Jalon

We should have walked the Col de Rates this week, but after two days of heavy rain, and a forecast of more of the same today, we abandoned that idea.

Having also cancelled the same walk last week, and for the same reason, we were determined to walk today if at all possible.   Twelve had signed up for the Col de Rates walk and we advised all of them of the cancellation.  We also confirmed that we would do an alternative valley walk providing that it was not raining when we started.

After a night of heavy rain we were not hopeful.   But by the time we were due to leave the house the rain had stopped, and though overcast it was at least dry.   We were delighted to find nine waiting at the start, only three had decided not to walk.

Instead of the Col de Rates walk we walked to Jalon via Alcalali.   We were almost in Jalon by the time it started to rain, and we abandoned an extension to Lliber.   We reached Bar Claudia reasonably dry and were pleased that we were allowed to eat our picnic providing that we bought a drink.

It was not one of our more challenging walks, but it seemed that everyone enjoyed it.  Clearly it was not a day for taking photographs.    However it was better than sitting at home watching the grey sky and waiting for the sun to appear.

This is the second time that we have had to abandon the Col de Rates walk and we will offer a different walk next week rather than chance our luck once again.
Thanks to Nick for the weekly stats.   The distance was just under 11 kilometres and included a total ascent of about 92 metres.  Mind from the diagram it looks like we climbed down to Jalon and back up again to Parcent!

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