Saturday, 19 November 2016

17 November 2016 – Tossel del Moro

Thanks to a local Spanish lady for taking this photo of all ten of us at the start of the walk
After a very wet start to the week we were fortunate to have a bright and sunny start to our walk
Thanks to David for leading this walk
Between us we are confident of leading about 30 walks, with another 15 which we have previously walked but would need to recce before leading

So whilst David is here in Spain I have asked him to lead some of those walks which I am unsure of, and this was the first
David actually led it in the opposite direction to the way we usually go, which might explain why it all looked a little strange to me
I found myself at the front as we climbed Tossel del Moro, and was concerned to find a cairn where I had never seen one before
Nick and Janet have offered to help us recce some of those walks we have not led before, and his interest in satnav will come in very useful
This was the first time that David and Sabine have done this walk, and they seemed quite impressed with it
It was good to welcome Toon and Anneke back after their summer break.   They are always good company and it was only eating lunch which kept Anneke quiet.
Thanks to David for this photo (the hug was his idea)
Once more we opted for an early picnic lunch.   It was only 12.30am, but so pleasant at the summit that everyone was in favour.
This little chap made his appearance as we ate our picnic.  He ignored the crumbs we offered, but kept a close eye on us.  No doubt waiting until we left before he settled down to his own lunch.
The ladies were particularly interested in this storage facility
Toon was more interested in the well
Which he was quick to explore
He returned with a bucket of water, but could not tempt anyone to taste it
It was just 3pm as we returned to Gata
And a very welcome cold drink 
Thanks to everyone for making this such an enjoyable walk
Walk Stats
The walk was about 12 kilometres from Gata de Gorgos car park.   Started at around 70 metres above sea level and reached a high point of 382 metres on top of Tossal del Moro.   It included a total ascent of about 490 metres.   Including breaks and a lunch stop it took about 5 hours to reach the bar at an average walking speed of 3.5 kilometres per hour.

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