Tuesday, 4 October 2016

03 October 2016 – Lliber to Senija

We had a good turnout for today’s walk, despite the weather forecast of 30c.   Nice to see Jackie and Mike, who missed last week’s walk due to a short break in Madrid

Despite the forecast a cool breeze made the start of the walk quite pleasant, despite a short scramble uphill.
This relatively new walk is becoming a firm favourite, and replacing our previous slightly shorter Lliber to Senija which did not include the cross.
The climb up from Lliber is soon rewarded with this impressive view of the Jalon Valley.

Although not obvious from this photo, you can just see Parcent in the distance
The track is pretty good, though a little difficult in places.   The recent rain helped as it is more difficult when too dry.
As always we stopped to admire the new feature on the Gata road
It did not take long for someone (Mike or Peter?) to toss a stone at the well placed basket, and soon everyone was having a go.
Despite the steady climb the cool breeze, and a moderate pace, made the walk quite easy.
We soon reached The Cross, and our banana stop
The best shade, together with this rough and ready seat, was much in demand.   There was some doubt that the slightly rotten wood would support so many, but it did.
By now it was gone midday, and the temperature increasing.  So any shade along the route was welcomed.
The path down to Senija is quite good and we could admire the views
Our picnic lunch was in the square behind the church in Senija
Again the shade was much in demand...
…more important than a seat in the sun 
Back in Lliber we were able to admire the recent road works and the new street decoration
But most important we were able to enjoy a cold drink in the shaded square.   A fitting end to a very enjoyable walk, despite the summer like temperatures
10 October 2016
Next week will be Tossel del Moro.   Meet in the car park near the post office in Gata at 10am.

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