Sunday, 27 March 2016

24 March 2016 – Parcent to Jalon

What a difference from Monday morning.    Today the grey skies and patter of rain had been replaced by blue skies and ideal weather forecast for walking
This is our favourite local walk and do it at least once a month, often to visit the rastro market in Jalon on a Saturday morning.   From the house it is 18km which makes it considerably longer than most of our walks.  However there is little climbing, so it seems less.

Our banana stop provided this lovely view of Parcent and the Jalon valley
As we neared Jalon we found this poor fellow, who was on a long rope tied to a tree.   He soon made friends with Jan and enjoyed our apple, which was meant  to be our snack.  He was not so keen on the banana which David offered.   When we left he followed us as far as his rope would allow.
It made a pleasant change to have our lunch snack in Jalon.   We normally have a picnic, but it seemed a shame not to take advantage of one of the three bars in the square.

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