Thursday, 4 February 2016

1 February 2016 – Juvees de Alt

Its only three months since I did this walk with our Thursday group, though considerably longer with the Monday group.   However it’s a walk that I really like, so that is not a problem.  
Another lovely morning for the walk, and surprisingly clear for this time of day.   The jumpers worn at the start of the walk would soon be removed as the day warmed and the walking raised our temperatures.
On the descent at the start of the walk we pass the path which leads to the Baranco Inferno.   This path was closed due to a sad accident when a woman died after a fall.   Consequently we have not done that walk for a long time.   Now that the path is open there was some talk that we might try it again, though the track was understood to be quite bad.

Only nine of us today, though it is nice to walk with a smaller group.   Jan is still resting her injured knee, but hopes to walk next Monday.
There was some discussion about the walk, and particularly the long exposed part after the deserted village.   Many dislike this stage, though I quite like it.   The views are impressive and the track good enough that constant attention to feet is not necessary.

This isolated farm is just before the deserted village.   It was probably part of the same community.   It was interesting to see where the original building had been extended presumably to accommodate increasing family numbers.

We had our banana stop overlooking Baranco Inferno instead of the deserted village.   From here there is an excellent view of what I had always imagined was “the cathedral”.  That is what we call the narrow valley ending at the sheer rock face.   However Peter confirmed that though part of Baranco Inferno it is not in fact “the cathedral”, which is further downstream.
At 1pm we stopped for lunch.   There is no obvious or favourite spot, and we usually just look for somewhere to sit when we reach our usual picnic time.   Today we had a particularly good selection of suitable rocks to sit on.   It was so pleasant that we extended our usual lunch time.   This resulted in a few stiff joints when we finally set off again.

Sylvia and Ken found a particularly good spot.   David, who led the walk, excused the longer than usual lunch break on not wanting to disturb Sylvia who did a spot of sun bathing on this long flat rock.
There are always a selection of barking dogs on all of our walks, and this one is no exception.  Normally they are either enclosed or on a chain, but today one of them was on the path.   Peter led the more intrepid group past the barking dog.   I joined the wimps and avoided them by taking an alternative path.
The last leg of the walk back to Benimaurell provides impressive views of the valley down to Montgo and the coast.  Today it was enhanced by the almond blossoms.
Monday 8 February 2016
Next week is another of David’s walks, this time Pinos Fossil Walk.    Meet at the bridge just after Pinos at 10am.

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