Thursday, 21 January 2016

18 January 2016 – Tormos to Font Centella

This was my first Monday walk since before Christmas.    Jan was not able to walk, due to her knee and foot injury.   Despite the clear and sunny sky it was quite cold at the start, which is obvious from the heavy jackets worn.
Peter led this walk, as he did the two previous times.   It is about two years since we last tackled it, and the path was rougher and more overgrown than I remembered it.

This walk is not as well marked as some we do.   And the first time we walked it we had some problems finding the correct track.  Last time we found it ok.
After about an hour we had done most of the climbing and had reached a distinctive broken wall, which was also marked as part of the route.  However the path then disappeared.   Peter knew where he wanted to get to, but could not find the track which led there.   After a thorough search, and finding that the going would be very difficult, he decided to abandon the walk.   A very wise decision in my opinion.

We had little trouble finding our way back, despite the lack of any clear path.  And, as is often the case,  the track downhill was even more difficult than the earlier climb.
As we retraced our steps we passed a couple of Spanish men with a dog, who were apparently looking for two lost bulls!   Must have been very determined bulls to find their way up this difficult terrain.   When we got back to the road we could see them heading in the same direction we had followed, but too far away to see if they had found the path or not.   And no sign of the missing bulls!
Peter now had to decide whether to find an alternative walk, or to simply make our way back to Tormos.   He had previously walked in the surrounding hills, and had a faint memory of a walk which ended coming down past the Stations of the Cross into Tormos.   So we made our way back to the village to try to find the track in reverse
We were already tired from the earlier climb and disappointed not to have found the track to Font Centella.   So it was not a very happy bunch who struggled up this steep road, which we hoped would lead to the Stations of the Cross.
Peter was always confident that he would find them, but some of us had our doubts as we started walking downhill again towards the Orba road.   So we were quite relieved when we reached the start of the uphill track past the Stations.
This area was new to all of us, except for Peter.   And he was not sure where he could find a suitable spot for our picnic lunch.    So we struggled uphill again behind our determined leader.
This path was much better than the previous one, and we made good progress.  There were also some interesting rock formations, and lovely views towards Tormos and Orba.
And finally we did find a suitable spot for lunch.   We were all much warmer after our second climb of the day, but the wind was very cold and we had to find a sheltered spot to eat.
Fortunately it also had lovely views over the Orba valley and the coast beyond.   It had been something of a “magical mystery tour”, but Peter did well to salvage what could have been a disappointing abandoned walk and to find a pretty good alternative lunch spot.
Monday 25 January 2016
Sue is leading a new walk next week, starting at the sports centre in Murla.   She did give us a description of the walk, but I didn’t really understand.   It started with a climb, and ended at Fontilles.  But I am not sure what happens in between.  It is always nice to have a new walk, and I am sure that it will be very enjoyable.  Meet at 10am.

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